Sunday, September 12, 2010

College has started already??

Imagine this same picture without a kid in spandex and the bike is a faded brown with white grip tape on the bars..... thats me!!! Everyday I wake up around 6:30 or so and get ready, then ride my bike the 4.something miles to school. I just got my "new" bike a 1976 Gitane and that baby flies. I can make the commute in about 25 to 30 minutes on a good day. The ride got a little more difficult when my art teacher began having us tote an 18' * 24' sketch pad for each class! Along with my school classes I also have three institute class ( and kathy Im taking them for BYU credit!!!!!) which are incredible. The institute classes are Doctrine and Covenants, Book of Mormon, and Church History. My teachers are awesome and I'm learning more and more about the church getting ready for my mission in just under a year! I got the book "If Life Were Easy It Wouldn't Be Hard" for my birthday from grandma and I loved it! Everything is just going swimmingly!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I feel like people become their best selves when others rely on them.

Maybe that's why kids my age want so badly to have relationships. High School is ending in a few weeks and I am given responsibilities that I never had before:
  • Where am I going to go to college for now?
  • Am I going to get a job?
  • When am I going to get my dumb license?
But some things that I don't have to question are that the church is true, that I am going to serve a mission, and that I love my family.
It is one of the greatest feelings to know that I can do hard things. Cami wrote me a letter the other day and in it she challenged me to read the Preach My Gospel daily. I have gone two weeks reading it each night and it changed me for the better. In it I read a section about setting sort term and far reaching goals and the closeness it brings to the Lord is incredible. Soon enough, it feels like, I will be in the mission field, I feel it getting closer and closer ever time I get a letter from a missionary friend or read the scriptures and I cant wait. I just wish that I can influence someone's life the way that Cami, Robert, and Ricky have done for me.